Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Rain in Maine

It's been a wet week, and as a result, I've got 90% of the excess dirt shoveled out of the first floor and my oysters are up and floating again. Yesterday, Chloe, Hazel and I went down to the Salt Pond and spent a couple hours sorting oysters. (I did the sorting. It took them both about 5 minutes to get their boots suctioned to the mud and land on their bottoms in shallow water. An ominous start to our excursion but they recovered and amused themselves through the entire sorting process.) In between raindrops and Michelle's naps (she's under the weather but now on the mend) I did manage to frame the deck of the MQP. The walls should go up easily enough. A doubled-up 2x4 separates each door panel; so it's just a matter of making a wall that's nothing but a series of openings. I'm still not firm on the way I'll frame the roof; once the walls are up I'll look at all the options. I'm leaning toward a simple shed roof that carries across the south side rather than the typical wrap-around hip roof. A little more modern and funky, and it would raise the ceiling on the south side and make some space for a little more glass facing east.

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