Saturday, June 6, 2009

I have no one else to blame for the two week time frame for the construction of our barn and summer residence. Three weeks seemed too long so, when asked, I said two. Of course, I ended up squeezing three weeks of work into two. And on the second to last day Molly, Eric and Cyrus showed up on a rescue mission for installing the remainder of the roof and screening in the openings. It certainly couldn't have been possible without a framing gun; rarely did I pick up my hammer. It's a nice little barn though. To my eye it has a perfect elevation. The height to width ratio is classic.

On to bigger things. Yesterday I put up some boards under the shed roof so that in our leisure (what leisure?!) we can stack some firewood. I'll be working on finalizing the rough openings for the windows, wrapping the exterior of the house, and getting ready to pour the floor.

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