Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MQP (Part 2)

My earlier prediction that the walls would go up easily enough was wildly off the mark. The walls are up but not without a little redesign and considerable effort. Wood combination doors come in a few different widths. I had chosen the 3' doors when I made my (inadequately detailed) scale drawing. I ended up having to redesign to use the 2'8" doors and give them more space in between. That's fine; framing a structure with nothing but openings creates some interesting stability issues, and widening the gap in between the openings from 3" to 6" will provide a wider, and therefore stronger, nailing surface for plywood. I also had hoped to frame a simple shed roof, but the peak was going to run into the bottom of a second floor window. So it'll be a hip roof, my first, and that should be interesting.

I just got a catalog in the mail Energy Federation Incorporated, a distributor of all sorts of energy efficiency related products. They sell two part polyurethane foam kits that I could use to spray an initial layer of insulation against the wall cavity. It would be cheaper and faster than cutting rigid foam and fitting it into the spaces and provide more or less the same R-value. Can't argue with that.

Got a visit from Brian Mitchell to look at the roof. A standing seam metal roof is going to set us back $9800. That's a large chunk of change. Will we reconsider?

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