Monday, June 8, 2009


During my first two weeks back I noticed birds flying in and out of the house but was too busy to think much about it. Then a few days ago I noticed the nest right above the header over the picture window on the first floor. I was in the process of making changes to some of the window openings and the picture window was on my list so I climbed a ladder to check out the nest and was less than pleased to find it chock full of baby birds, Eastern Phoebes to be exact. The pair of birds I'd noticed flying around the house are the proud parents. I wondered how long it would take for these little birds to learn how to fly. I wondered how long I'd have to leave them alone. The parents won't stay in the house if I walk in. They fly out and perch nearby and wait for me to leave. Today I started leveling out the floor to get ready to pour concrete, and now and then I'd look out the slider opening to see one of the parents perched outside with an insect in its beak waiting for me to vacate so the babies can receive some nourishment. They made me feel guilty. Unfortunately, I'm no baby bird killer. I have no choice but to give them some space and wait until they fly away.

Bought three cords of firewood today. Winter's right around the corner. Lots of materials arriving tomorrow. I was just about to make a prediction about progress for the month of June but decided against making any more predictions. I'll keep my expectations to myself and secretly hope to exceed them.


Timothy said...


That was a funny post. All these years I've thought you to be a baby bird killer. I guess I am wrong! I made carbonara with some smoked bacon I've been getting from the farmer's market. It was really really good! Can't wait for your pork products. Yum. Please take some new pics because I am dying to see the barn and garden and the girls.

rodolph sheahan said...

Too bad they were not Quail Pheasant or even Pigion it would have made your moral dilema a little more appetizing.
Can you domesticate Phoebes?