Friday, June 26, 2009

Lose Weight Fast! Guaranteed!

I just spent a few moments looking at this blog's statistics, and was wondering if having a flashy title would bring a spike in visits. In the last month this blog had 261 visits from 68 different viewers. One person from Turkey spent 25 seconds on the site, but most of the hits from places like Latvia or Malaysia spent no time at all. The only exception to this was two short visits from Malawi when my sister-in-law Anna was there for a couple weeks. Most of the traffic comes from about 55 friends and relatives in the United States.

Lose Weight Fast! It's not just a gimmick to get more visits to the blog. I really do have a time tested, guaranteed way to shed the pounds and do something productive while you're at it. In the two-week frenzy of barn building I lost about 8 pounds. I now weigh as much as I did when I graduated from high school. Two factors are at work here. The first is logging at least 10 hours a day of hard physical labor. I know this isn't an opportunity available to the average person, but some less intense variation certainly is. Get out there and do something people! The second factor is, obviously, food related. The input part of the equation. When I'm working like this, really focused on the task at hand, I don't pay much attention to eating. I tend to eat small handfuls of dried fruit and nuts to keep me going over the course of the day, and I focus on eating high-energy content foods like a banana slathered with peanut butter. I don't sit down to eat lunch for more than a few minutes, and most of the time I don't sit down at all. So, there it is in a nutshell, the subject of countless self-help bestsellers boiled down to one simple equation:



rodolph sheahan said...

Perfect time for me to make a suggestion, one that may be profitable.
I am in awe regarding your ability to write about your experencies, how about the excavator. Your stories are interesting, informative and I am sure are valuable to someone interested in building a shed or house. You have done both and maybe with help from your literary friends, maybe even Kevin O'Conner, you could put something together that you could publish. I can see a page with pictures of the "Barn Project" to support text. Go as far back as Pole 10. House, Wood Shed, and Tall Skinney Out Building.
I don't think I am crazy. Building drawings of each of these projects are marketable. How about the guy with a degree in architecture from Harved?
Check it out. What do you think Molly? Pass this on to Michael Chabon.
Your tiny biased Father

liz said...

I am not tiny, nor your father and i check the blog almost daily and love every second of it. It is a book indeed. And i want to come to Michael's weight loss camp if that is ok!
cant wait to see you guys again, and meet the piglets.
much love,
liz (and kara)

Jonathan said...

The equation at the end made me laugh out loud!Brilliant.....Your doing an outstanding job Mike the house looks great..really looking forward to seeing how the concrete situation gets the way I love the roof!!!