Monday, April 5, 2010

Call Cindy

Shortly before lunch today I knocked on our bedroom window to get Michelle's attention. I was outside standing on the roof of the porch and could see her sitting in her office. When she turned around, I said through the window, "Call Cindy." I had to repeat myself. Then she understood. Cindy of Amica Insurance has been calling us every few months since last summer to see if we'd finished the exterior of the house. I had just fastened the last board when I knocked on the window. Finishing the outside took longer than I had expected. Finally, Cindy will be satisfied.

Time to move on to the next project. An hour or so after I had given instructions to call Cindy, the Viking Lumber truck arrived with thirteen wood combination doors. The next project had arrived. The doors will fit into the openings of the screen/glass porch. For the last six months the porch has been my workshop. I spent the next few hours cleaning up and setting up shop around the corner next to the firewood. The screened porch is going to be one of the nicer spots in the house. Michelle has been pining for a porch since we first thought of house building ten years ago. The MQP is finally on its way! (MQP is the acronym we used on house plans to designate the porch. It stands for Michelle's Quest for Porch.) (And it's not a moment too soon because the phoebes have returned looking to nest on our porch!)