Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Good with the Bad

I went to Freshwater Stone and Brick for a second look at possible counter top materials. A couple times a year this place has what they call a yard sale. Remnants and rejects are stacked outside. Materials of all shapes and sizes. Granite, marble, slate. We went to check it out on the first day of the sale with the kids in the pouring rain and came away thinking of possibilities. I did some reading about stone counter top installation online and got a better idea of what's involved, and went back by myself yesterday. Knowing that I could cut the material with a diamond blade in a circular saw there were lots more options. Looking for an attractive nine foot long piece of counter top-width stone eliminated too many possibilities. I found an nice large sheet of black stone with a honed finish (I don't know what it is.) measuring roughly 5' x 6' with a large crack running down the middle. Cutting on the crack I could get two pieces of stone of the correct width and total length. That piece was $360. The next piece we needed would make the elevated bar top on the center cooking island. So imagine a large butcher block island (4'x7') with a gas cooktop and running along one end an elevated bar stool height stone top. Where the kids will sit and pester us about being hungry as we're trying to cook. The top for this was easier to find because it was shorter and more narrow. And, for whatever reason, they sold it to me for twenty bucks. The small piece I fit in the back of the Volvo. The large one they will cut in half for me. The scoring of counter material was the Good.

On my way home I thought I'd stop in at the lumber yard to pick up some 2x4's so I could proceed with the gable-end trimming process. Ten footers just fit diagonally. Emphasis on just. When I closed the hatchback, one the 2x4's wasn't pushed in far enough. The hatchback gave it what I thought was a gentle shove (I closed it fairly gently.) on one end sending the other end against the windshield creating a large spidered crack. After using the Volvo to trailer a burdensome load from Connecticut for the second time, I mentioned to Michelle that we had to stop using our car as a truck. Breaking the windshield, a case in point, was the Bad.

I'm almost done trimming the west side gable end. Looks good.

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Molly B Designs said...

we did the same thing last year. remember our mistakes and use them to your advantage. it could save you a lot of money in the end.