Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy Pigs

I'm trying not to make this into a blog about pigs, but I do know that pig related news is popular with certain readers. Observation #1: My pigs sleep considerably more than half the day; the sun has not yet set and they've settled in for the night and won't wake up for another 12 hours. During the day they follow a pattern of rooting and napping, but they seem to prefer napping. I've put them to work digging up the stump of a fir tree. I read that poking holes around a stump (I use a heavy metal bar.) and filling the holes with feed corn is a good way to pull a stump and keep your pigs busy. Idle snouts are the devil's workshop. They're warming up to me after a couple days of keeping their distance; I had them eating corn out of my hand, and now it's clear to them that my presence means not danger but tasty treats.

The plumber was here first thing this morning to establish the placement for the plumbing vents. The roofers need holes poked in the roof to flash to. I gave the roofers a one week notice of readiness. Hopefully, they'll have a hole in their schedule to squeeze me in over the next few weeks. Spent nearly $800 at the wood stove shop on pipe and through-the-roof accessories so that when the metal roof goes on I'll be able to install the stove pipe through the roof at the same time and be done with it. I have about a day's work to finish trimming and wrapping the house. Getting the floor ready to pour is next.

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rodolph sheahan said...

I can't help myself. Your continuing to refer to those almost market size porkers as Piglets just angers me so much I had a pound of bacon for breakfast.
According to that well known Piglet expert, RTS, a "Piglet" is a weaned pig of about 30 pounds. Your "Piglets" are in the 50 to 60 pound range so therefore are Pigs.
They will soon be 200/225 pounds and the fun begins.
You have visitors to Face Book who are stunned and apalled with your intended use of these porkers. Have they ever heard a corrot scream as it is violently pulled from the ground or a simple lettuce leaf cry as it is torn to shreds.
Happy roasting.