Friday, August 7, 2009

Window Trim Exhibition

Yesterday I spent the morning mocking-up two windows with different trim treatments. Michelle and I both chose the simplest trim, but when a group showed up later that afternoon for snacks, beer and house tours, most chose the other. There was much discussion of the merits of either choice, and in the end I thought a small modification to the simple version is the way to go. While the kids are in Rhode Island next week, I'll trim all the windows and help Michelle wire. Mark the plumber (a real licensed plumber) showed up today and ran most of the vents. We talked about the possibility of installing the instant hot water component of our solar hot water system. We could hook up an outdoor shower; Michelle likes this idea. With no call from the concrete guys today, first thing Monday morning I'm going to call and tell them their decision making time is up. We need a resolution; the sliding glass door is coming in a week and we need to install it asap.

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