Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Short Lived Experiment

My test run with a rented diamond abrasive concrete grinder lasted less than a minute. That's how long it took to know that it wasn't going to work. The grinder worked well enough; that wasn't the problem. Just under our solid surface of dark concrete sits the stuff that holds it all together. A few seconds with the grinder wiped away the hardened creme surface and exposed little bits of sand and gravel. Together with the black surrounding the aggregate, it looked pretty awful. I loaded the grinder into the trailer and took it back to Ellsworth. We don't want a floor that looks like a patch of polished highway.

My inquiry into the possibilities of heating water with an electric tankless heater and PV was also short lived. If it made any sense at all to do it that way, people would be doing it. Electric instant hot water heaters use a tremendous amount of electricity. So much juice that I'd have to have about $35,000 worth of PV panels on the roof just to produce enough electricity to run the system for a half hour a day.

One drywall estimate is in: $7800 all materials and labor. That's a lot of cash but I haven't figured out what the material cost would be for me if I were to do it myself.

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