Friday, August 28, 2009

Marvin, Meet Danny

I spent most of this morning getting ready for 4 or 5 inches of rain courtesy of tropical storm Danny. I put up plastic over the 12' hole where the slider should be courtesy of Marvin. After earlier assurances that someone would be out to see the slider at the beginning of the week, there's still no sign of them. When I received this month's invoice, two thirds of which was the slider, I made the deduction and sent off a check noting that the missing money would be forthcoming when Marvin fixes (or replaces) the sliding glass door. Nonpayment has a way of getting people's attention.

Our entry door is in and operable. I got Thermatrue energy star rated doors. Half light for the entry door and full light for the door to the porch. (Half light means half of it is glass, in this case, insulated glass.) Michelle is done rough wiring, and after a little testing, we'll be ready to wrap up the insulation. I tested out my low expansion foam gun a couple days ago. This is a professional version of the polyurethane foam you can buy at the hardware store called Great Stuff. I'll use it to seal around all the windows and doors and around the gaps between the rigid foam and the studs. It's tricky to use at first, but I've got the hang of it now. I ordered the tankless hot water heater that will operate in conjunction with the solar system and also help heat the floor, (Another energy tax credit, 30% of $1200!) and Dave, the system installer, may start running pipe for it next week.

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rodolph sheahan said...

Seems as though Marvin isn't listening.
Give Molly an IPA and have her contact Mr. Marvin himself.
She seems to have a way with words.