Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Empty Nest, Pigs, Home Equity

When Michelle and I stepped out onto the deck of the porch this morning, four startled fledglings flew to a new perch and eyed us warily. In a matter of a couple hours they were gone, another crop of phoebes hatched and away. While it's possible that the parents will try for another round, I think it's time they found a new nest site. We'll see if I can persuade them to do so. In pig news the largest one (they still have no names) seemed to be having a little trouble getting around, limping maybe, and then a few days ago he seemed to have a little trouble getting up. Sprain? Bruised hoof? Pulled hamstring? I called friends who have a farm and got more or less a wait and see approach. Sure enough the next day he seemed a little better, and today he was just about back to his old self again. The biggest is the boss; the other two had a too brief vacation from his tyranny.

Tomorrow afternoon Michelle and I are closing on a home equity line of credit. Why we're eligible for this sort of financing is mystifying considering all that's happened over the last year. It certainly wouldn't have been possible to get a home equity line of credit on an unfinished house through a major national bank. Wells Fargo admitted as much and suggested we seek local financing. And voila! We have about $50,000 to finish the house.

After several calls to the plumber and none in return, I showed up at the office at quarter to seven for a face to face chat, and as a result they'll be on the job in a few days. We've also started in on the wiring on the first floor. The solution to the concrete problems is still up in the air. Talked to the guy today, and he said he was waiting to hear back from a company that specializes in fixing this sort of thing.

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kris and cathy said...

Hi, can you tell me how you got a home equity line on an unfinished house? We are looking for $40K. Who did you go to? You can email me at