Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tomorrow 12:30pm

Yes, I'm obsessively thinking about concrete. My imagination exaggerates the force of gravity. I have visions of staging nails having their heads sheared off. Of metal strapping tearing under the strain. Then the voice of reason steps in. The taller the form the greater the force, but the forms are only 24 inches high. I've looked the whole thing over again and again. Nothing bad is going to happen. I'm 98% sure. It's the other 2% that shears nail heads and tears metal strapping.

I made a 7' wooden chute today to help get the concrete to the farthest reaches of the forms. And I bought several jugs of laundry detergent to mix with water and spray on the forms as a release agent. I couldn't see myself spraying on gallons of hydraulic fluid, the typical release around here. The soap should work well enough.

First thing tomorrow I'll borrow a couple hoes and then spend the rest of the morning worrying until the cement truck shows up.

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