Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michelle's Deadline, Oysters, Rain

There won't be much house building going on over the next several days especially if the national weather service is telling the truth about the chance of rain in the near future. Also, Michelle's feeling the heat of a deadline for a large project she's been working on for a while. That means more time for me with Chloe and Hazel. Delivering oysters is now an every Thursday event. Getting them out of the water, bagging them up, and delivering them to Ellsworth eats up a few hours. I'll be selling oysters well into October.

Maybe a little break in the action is a good thing. A little rest for my hammer-swinging arm. The south and north walls of the second floor are now standing. The shorter east and west walls will go quickly. Then there's a load bearing wall running down the middle that sits directly over the long LVL that holds up the second floor joists. Roof rafters will follow, and it will finally resemble the frame of a gable ended house.

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