Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bangor Hydro

I have a date with the power company on Monday morning. I had to hunt down a hard hat for the occasion. Usually an electrician is there to assist Bangor Hydro in putting the wire and conduit up the pole. When I called to schedule an appointment, the guy said that if I were standing in for an electrician I'd need a hard hat and safety glasses. As I understand the process, all I do is stand by with a sawsall and cut the last piece of conduit to size and file the metal shavings off the end. They will run the wire up the pole, tie into the grid, install the transformer and meter and flip the switch. Then I'll return the generator to Jim. To build the last of the concrete forms and frame the first floor, I have used about 7 gallons of gasoline to generate electricity.

The deck for the second floor is on, and I'm ready to start framing the walls. This should go quickly. I've cut most of the studs and nailed together all the jack studs and headers for the five windows on the south side. If it weren't for the wet weather we've been having for the last few days, the walls would be up already.

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