Friday, July 4, 2008

Green Concrete

The forms are filled with green concrete. No blowouts. No unforeseen problems. The concrete delivery guy was co-operative, nice, and, sensing that we were novices, full of good suggestions. At one point he said we were better than some professional crews he's delivered for. At least we had enthusiasm on our side. The wooden chute I made came in handy to reach the farthest wall, but the truck could reach just about everything on its own. I was a little late getting the foundation bolts in. The concrete stayed workable for a long time but seemed to set quickly after a certain point. Finding the level line I'd drawn on the inside of the form was time consuming and messy but not impossible.

We're off to the Brooklin 4th of July Parade this morning. Then in the afternoon I have to defend my peapod champion title. After yesterday I'm afraid I'm not going to be in top form at the oars.

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