Monday, July 7, 2008


The forms have been stripped and disassembled for use as framing members. There's a new guy on the site. James Cassidy of Greenwich, CT. He'll be helping out for the next six or so weeks until he's off to RIT. James spent the day with a cordless drill taking apart the forms. Viking delivered the pressure treated lumber for the mudsill, and at the end of the day I started bolting it to the foundation. With this delivery I also got 100 lbs of nails for framing, the rigid foam for insulating the outside of the foundation, LVL beams to make the header for big 12' slider opening, and an assortment of additional framing lumber. By the end of the day tomorrow, we will be ready to backfill the foundation. Walls will follow.

Root tubes (aka our root cellar)

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rodolph sheahan said...

Arn't thos Greenwich guys expensive?
Glad to see u finally have hammer in hand. The rest, after "the excavator" is a piece of cake.