Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Set in Stone

It's official. Mail addressed to 1 Porcupine Ln, Sedgwick, ME 04676 will miraculously end up in a black metal box at the end of our driveway. In a reflection of how progress starved we are, I was pretty darned happy that I had accomplished something start to finish. Bought mailbox. Painted address. Constructed post. Set post in one 80' bag of concrete. A small victory but a victory nonetheless.

Building upon this momentum, I ordered 1100' of electrical conduit for burying power and phone lines. I'm going to rent an excavator to dig most of the trench. I left a message on Lewis Tapley's voice-mail giving him the rest of this week to do what he said he'd do. I'm guessing he'll use the ultimatum as a excuse blow it off for good. At this point I don't care; this project needs to move beyond one person's shoddy work.

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rodolph sheahan said...

Mr. Sheahan
I have read your MANY blogs with interest. However your entry of May 9 has a gross error that cannot go without comment.
You mentioned the estate in Greenwich CT of David Rockefeller. Not true. It was the estate of my uncle James Stillman Rockefeller, 1902-2004, and I can assure you, were he alive, he would not have approved of "your free stuff".
Additionaly his wife, Nancy Carnegie Rockefeller, being of Scottish decent, would not have approved either.
Mr. Sheahan you seem like a nice man. May I offer my solicitors in your quarrel with Mr. lewis Tapley. The Hudson river holds many secrets.
Very truly yours
David Rockefeller
By the way the tiller you mentioned was Aunt Nancy's favorite and was given to her as a wedding present by Mr. Troy

May I offer my solicitors in your quarrel with Mr. Lewis Tapley