Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Electrician Returns

The electrician maligned in one of my recent entries called and apologized for coming and going so quickly. We met today as I was gluing up the electrical conduit I'm burying tomorrow. It was a quick meeting. I mapped out what I was going to do and told him where I'd like his help. No problems. The excavator was delivered today, and I've got it all day tomorrow. I should be able to get everything done without being rushed.

When I pulled into Porcupine Lane this afternoon, there were two Viking trucks on our road. One to deliver the conduit and one to extricate the first from the sand pit that is our driveway. I apologized for the road conditions, (I was hoping to arrive there beforehand to guide the truck.) and promised to have it fixed before the next delivery. Lewis Tapley should be ashamed of himself.

It has been brought to my attention that I made a factual error in one of my recent entries. (See response to Set in Stone post.) The free stuff from Connecticut came from the estate of the late James (not David) Rockefeller. This should be easy enough for me to remember since the current owner, my brother-in-law, is also a James.

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