Friday, May 9, 2008

Chapel Hill!

In a few days we'll be off to Chapel Hill for Tim and Anna's wedding. We'll be gone for a little more than a week. While we're gone, I hope to get some site work done by a guy recommended by neighbor Damian Bebel. I'm meeting Jeff Gray at the site just before we leave to map out what we want done. Lewis Tapley has yet to fix the road.

We're hauling the trailer down to Greenwich to pick up a couple sinks and a rototiller. I scored a small stainless steel tub while working on a boat in Massachusetts. The boat, the re-christened Starbound, now belongs to Jim and Heather Cassidy, friends from Brooklin. The tub was part of the boat when it was built in the late 40's. One of the boat's previous owners was none other than Burl Ives. Our downstairs bathroom will have a sink from David Rockefeller's estate in Greenwich, CT, and a tub that circumnavigated the globe twice and once held Burl Ives. Now that's recycling!

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