Sunday, May 25, 2008

Porkupine Lane

I bought a mailbox yesterday, large capacity and black, and painted 1 Porcupine Ln on the side in bright orange. In a couple weeks this will be our new mailing address. Just in time, too; the rental term on our post office box in Brooklin is over at the end of the month. It's a beautiful, quiet Sunday morning here on the water. Quiet because everyone else is still sleeping. Today we're going to meet the people we're renting the next house from. And, drum roll please, I am buying a cell phone, one of those cheap phones you can buy at Right-Aid for fifteen bucks and then buy minutes as you go. We've had more than a few cell phone moments over the years. Times at which we've said-- It would be nice to have a cell phone right now. But those times were few and far between, and, we reasoned, cell phones don't work very well around here anyway. But, if you're building a house and you're afraid you might miss the electrician you're supposed to meet, it would be nice to be able to make or receive a phone call. We'll see. If it works well enough, we'll keep it. And, Molly reminded me, even Sam now has a cell phone. As if I were now the last person on earth without one.


Michelle Keyo said...

I'm not really jealous of Michael's cell phone in the least, seeing as it came from Rite Aid and has the very uncool name of "trac phone."

Today, however, we met Gail, from whom we will be renting a house for the next six months or so. She oh-so-casually left her iphone on the kitchen counter and I got caught peering at it, thinking "Is that an iphone?" I've only ever seen one other in real life so I don't really know what they look like, but I do know that I really want one. Hint Hint.

Timothy said...

OH MY! I never thought I'd see the day. Is it raining frogs? Is my back pelt free? I hope, and might even dream of one day seeing Michael with his trac phone in a pleather holster attached to the waist belt of his fanny pack as he walks around town. I see my cell phone as an imperfect necessity sort of like underwear...I guess that's not the best about like the automobile. It's not without drawbacks but can be very convenient. I got my first phone in 1999 (almost 10 years ago!) and promptly lost it on the streets of Brighton as I quickly left the bench upon which I was perched as the puppy I was walking began to soil old women's clothing with her paws. Please. Learn from my mistakes.