Thursday, July 16, 2009

Windows Tomorrow

Called Eric at Viking to see if the windows were on the horizon and he says, they're just coming off the truck right now. Off one truck onto another; they'll be delivered tomorrow. I'm ready to pop a few of them in on the east side. My plan is to install all the second floor windows, pour the concrete floor and then the first floor windows will go in. Or maybe I'll pour the floor before all the second floor windows go in. I finished installing the under slab insulation and mapped out the radiant tubing. I should be able to call the concrete guys early next week and give them the green light.

Now for some pig news. I'll be picking up food waste from a new restaurant in Blue Hill called Table, owned by the same folks from our favorite place in Ellsworth. Three five gallon buckets per day should put on some serious pork. They're doing well, still dividing their time between rooting, running around and sleeping. After I gave them their first installment from Table, they ate ravenously then slept for the rest of the morning.

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