Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rained Out

The roofing crew showed up this morning with hopes to get a full day in, but as has happened far more often than not over the past month, rain put them out of work. They made it one panel beyond the stove pipe. I've never seen the standing seam process before. A crimping machine in the back of a large pick-up truck turned a roll of galvanized sheet metal into roof panels that were cut to the length of the run. They took some measurements, and in a couple hours all the panels for our roof sat stacked on the ground. On the north side where the roof changes pitch, the run from peak to the end of the shed roof is about 38'. This will be one continuous panel bent in the middle with no break. They'll show up tomorrow weather permitting. They've got two or three days to completion.

I ordered four inches of polystyrene foam insulation and the wire mesh for the slab. The guys who'll pour the floor are going to show up next week to check out the site for adequate access; and, hopefully, we'll have it poured in two or three weeks. I'm going to start framing the interior partitions for the second floor while I wait for the windows to show up sometime next week. Once the roof, the floor and the windows are paid for, we'll have to take stock of our drained financial resources. We may end up falling a little short of what we need to finish the essentials before winter. In that case we'll have to look into what we were hoping to avoid; we may soon find out what it's like to borrow money in a post-liquidity-crisis environment.

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