Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deet Dipped

Along with this summer's near record rainfall comes a seemingly inexhaustible supply of mosquitoes. As the hours ticked away last night I was awake thinking about all-things-building and trying hard to shut my brain down and go to sleep. Just as I felt I may be getting somewhere sleepy, a particularly aggressive mosquito would swoop down and destroy any progress I'd made. This went on until 2:30 and I decided to take evasive action and try sleeping on the couch downstairs. (It worked.) Every time a mosquito would attack I'd think of my promise to make this place mosquito-proof. I've been chipping away at what might be ways for them to get in, but it doesn't seem to be making much of a dent. I could look at the glass as half full and think of the thousands of mosquitoes trying but failing to get in, but that's not much consolation at two in the morning. In my sleep deprived state last night I fantasized about using an industrial sprayer to apply a wash of 100% Deet to the exterior of the barn just before dusk every night. A more sensible way to maintain sanity would be to use a mosquito net.


Michelle Keyo said...

maybe we need another can of spray foam.

rodolph sheahan said...

Are you using aerosol. Next thing you will tell me you are a friend of that guy from Tennessee