Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gun Shopping

What else is there to do in Florida on a cool rainy day but scan through pages and pages of pneumatic nail guns on Ebay? With a framing gun our proposed barn could be built in a fraction of the time it would take with me swinging a hammer. And I'm feeling at this point that we need all the speed and efficiency we can get.

On Block Island I've been using what might be called the industry standard: Bostitch. I've used Bostitch framing guns, both stick and coil, roofing guns, and shingling guns. They seem to be tough and reliable. Just before I left the island for vacation, I used a gas powered Paslode gun to hang some doors. Easy to use. No hose getting in the way or noisy compressor. But the slight smell of propane in the air after each firing is mildly unpleasant, and my co-workers tell me that the gas fired guns require a good deal of maintenance. While touring Jim and Liz's place under construction in CT, two guys working on a mahogany paneled billiard room put in a recommendation for Senco finish guns. I'd never heard of them, but that's not saying much.

On Ebay I saw lots of Bostitch, Senco and Dewalt with prices more or less in line with each other. I'm wondering if it's best to get the gun that works well with the nails commonly available. That would be Bostitch, probably.

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