Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire

I just bought my first nail gun, a Senco FramePro 502 Full Round Head Nailer. I'll be able to use it for just about everything except finish work. And, even better, it cost $129 through some freak of internet commerce on Amazon. I checked three other tool sites, and the same gun was selling for about $260. I'll do a little more research before I buy an all around finish gun. Different guns shoot different guage finish nails, and I'm not sure which guage is the most versitile. My co-workers should be able to answer that question. The day we got back to the island I bumped into Bob (the boss) at the post office as he was picking up a largish size box from Amazon. It contained a new Bostitch pneumatic flooring nailer to be used on the couple thousand square feet of high-end birch flooring we're installing in the new place. He has two manual nailers he's used for many years, and he finally sprung for a powered one. We'll be fighting over the new one; but, given my place in the pecking order, I doubt I'll use it much.

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