Monday, January 26, 2009

Weighing Costs and Benefits

Since we'll be heading back to Sedgwick in just a few short months, we thought it might be a good idea to think about where we'll live when we get there. Initially, we focused on renting a place for the summer and fall. The question was where. Options are few. Then we thought of buying a camper/trailer type thing and parking at the new house. We'd probably be looking at spending at least a few thousand dollars for an old camper big enough (if that's possible) for all of us. Some claim to sleep six, but what do you do when you're not sleeping? In the end we'd own a trailer and hope to sell it without a loss. For rent we'd be spending the same few thousand dollars, but in the end we'd have nothing. The trailer idea was appealing because we'd be right there. How else could we be right there and not live in a trailer? Yurt? Tent? Yurts are expensive for what you get. Tents are...tents. We do need a barn, however. Something small with a loft for sleeping. If it sat on a gravel pad, it would be easy and quick to build. Maybe two weeks. I'm guessing it would cost something less than $2000, and in the end we'd have a small barn. A place, perhaps, for chickens and some sheep. It took Michelle a few hours to warm up to the idea, but compared to the other options the choice seems pretty clear to me.


Molly B Designs said...

Is Michelle going to work out of a barn? Will it have a kitchen?

Michael Sheahan said...

Hey Molly- I think M will be able to work out of the bran. If it doesn't work out maybe she get some office space somewhere. We have heard that there's some sort of wireless high-speed available on Sis Porter Rd. We have to get a little antenna for the roof. For a kitchen I'll go shopping at Mitch's for an old sink and get one of those two burner propane things. Set up a solar shower. Go back to the bucket toilet for a while!

rodolph sheahan said...

Sounds like you have to go "Back To The Past" to get "Back To The Future". I don't see guest accomadations in your plan. Dragon Fly Inn is in my future.