Monday, September 1, 2008

Rough Plumbing

The day we left for Rhode Island Gray's Plumbing showed up but not without some confusion. The folks at the office had our old address on file because we'd been gas customers. Bobby Gray had been to our new place but hadn't told anyone about it. One of Bobby's plumbers drove to Rob Rd but knew something was wrong when there was a house at the address. At least he knew that his job was to be new construction. So he showed up a little late; no big deal though. In about three hours we had mapped out the plumbing for the house and installed most of the waste pipe on the first floor. Pex tubing will supply all the water except to the kitchen sink. We're paranoid of the unknown consequences of drinking from plastic and would rather be on the safe side and spend a little more to have our drinking water run through copper. The rough plumbing for the whole house should be done in a few more days at the most.

Tomorrow I'll continue sheathing the roof. The plumber is returning and hopefully bringing a gas guy with him. After tomorrow I should be able to call Andy Gray to schedule a slab pour in the utility room.

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