Thursday, September 4, 2008

Winter Roof

I'm just about finished covering the south side of the roof with something to keep the weather out. ( Can't remember the product's name. Rooftop Guard? Something like that.) It rolls on like tar paper and is fastened with little one and a quarter inch nails topped by 1" diameter plastic washers. Lots of little washer-topped nails. There's an X wherever a nail goes. Every 4" on the top and bottom and every 14'' in the field. So let's see. For every 38' length of the 5' roll that's about 215 nails. I'll tap about 2000 of them before I'm finished.

I haven't seen the plumbers in a couple days. They might stretch a few days work into a couple weeks. I mixed up some bags of concrete today and poured a small pad so they could set up the pressure tank and install the pump in the well. We'll have running water! The rest of the floor in the utility room will pour around what I set up today.

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