Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Sheathing Strategy

Putting up the first row of sheathing on the south facing roof consumed most of my day today. (The rest of it was consumed by harvesting and delivering oysters.) To minimize the odds of falling and breaking a leg, I came up with a new strategy for sheathing the high south side. No pump jacks; they'd be too cumbersome to operate alone. I could have tried to push the sheets 18' up the ladder, but that method, though fine for the shorter haul up to the shed roof, was too sketchy. Then I thought of pulling instead of pushing. I fished a hook out of my tool box, the kind with a screw on the end, and drilled an angled hole in the center of and a few inches down from the top of the sheet of OSB. With a rope through the hook and using the ladder as a ramp of sorts, I could pull the sheet up onto the roof. And I could do all of this from inside the house. This way, if something unexpected happened, I wouldn't be on a ladder underneath an unwieldy sheet of wood; I could just let go of the rope and start over. It worked perfectly. I can use the same method all the way to the top.

There should be a plumber showing up tomorrow. We leave in the afternoon for the long haul to Rhode Island. Block Island on Friday and a wedding on Saturday.

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