Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tapley Finale

I had been calling Lewis Tapley and leaving messages on his cell for a couple weeks pressing him to come fix the disconnected leach field pipe. I was about to call him again when I noticed that the area in question had been dug up and raked. He had come, perhaps under cover of darkness, and made the repair. Somehow, he had managed to avoid me. My anonymous adviser on matters septic suggested I make sure the repair was done properly and check the other connections. This I did yesterday. Everything looks fine; it's ready for topsoil. And that's the last I'll write about Lewis Tapley. Promise.

I've got a plumber scheduled to show on Tuesday. The rough plumbing and gas lines are going in under the slab. I'm ready to sheath the rest of the roof. I'll have to set up the pump jacks on the south side to get the sheathing up there. Pump jacks are unruly contraptions, but they work well enough. We're looking good for our departure at the end of October. It'll be here before we know it.

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