Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tower of Flames

Tomorrow morning I'm going to light a match and see if I can get an enormous pile of brush and stumps to go up in flames. The evergreen needles will go up in a blaze of glory, but I'm hoping that the rest of it, as wet as it is, will catch on and burn nicely. Otherwise, I'll be left with an enormous pile of slightly charred brush and stumps.

Tomorrow also marks the transfer of a 1/2 acre of land from our neighbors to us. Though I fully expected this transaction to move flawlessly, there is a small amount of relief involved. After all, we did go ahead and get a septic system installed an part of that 1/2 acre, and the cleared space for the house sits right on the line between the two properties. Tomorrow it will be official. Michelle and I already have a small orchard (10 trees) and about 350 square ft of garden space mapped out where there are now a number of christmas trees filling the pasture. An 80' hedge of raspberries! Asparagus is on order!

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