Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Weeks

Michelle, Chloe and Hazel are off to Florida for a couple weeks. In their absence I'm going to try to finish one bedroom (0urs) and paint, or at least prime, the entire second floor. The only unknown in this equation is trimming the windows. It should be perfect joint compound drying weather so at least I've got that going for me. I'm going to leave the flooring as a complete surprise. I was struggling with the options in terms of wood flooring that would fit our budget and produce satisfying results. So I found something that...well, let's just say that the kids will love it.

Today, before they leave we're going to work on a space in the barn for some laying hens in need of a home. I don't know exactly how many yet. Something around twenty. Their owners are off to New Haven for a while, and we, along with a our neighbors, are taking over.

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downeast becka said...

Hi Michael,
My name is Becka Gagne, and if we haven't met yet, i imagine we will someday...i go to the UU in ellsworth and Leela was telling me yesterday about your house and your blog--i've got some questions for you, we are on similar paths. My husband and I are building a timber frame right now (frame up, roof on, starting to frame walls) and going along somewhat organically (like, we will figure out a few details as we go...such as exact heat source, etc--crazy some may say) as we have built both our little cabin we live in now, and our shop/gallery. I was telling Leela about our latest conundrum of masonry heater vs. rocket stove and she said you are heating almost entirely with solar hot water. i looked back a few pages in this to see how many panels you have and couldn't see a number, it doesn't look like more than 3-4 in the pics--what do you have? we also have pex through the floor and were hoping to heat it with wood/solar with propane just as backup. interesting to read of your tweaking issues and wonder if you had your druthers how you would have it set up. as it stands right now i think we could have room for 4-5 panels, but i didn't think that would be enough for domestic hot water and the floor.
if you have any input, it would be appreciated, and if it would be possible to visit sometime, that would be great! we are in franklin, but our daughter is in school at the bay school, so we get down that way every now and then.
becka gagne