Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Floorz

The vacationers arrived home yesterday afternoon exhausted from travel and happy to be home. Chloe and Hazel knew that I was busy transforming the second floor into a more livable space while they were running around on the beach and submerging themselves in the hot tub. What they didn't know was that their room now had a pink and green polka dot floor. They were floored when they saw it, pardon the pun.

I had mixed feelings about the floor as it was going down. It's visual impact was hard to predict. The girl's room is kind of like stepping into a scene in Alice In Wonderland. The rest of the floor is less jarring but is distracting nonetheless. It's durable, easy-to-clean stuff though. Good for as long as we can tolerate it. That may turn out to be a long, long time given the list of higher priority projects. The drywall is no longer shedding dust, and the windows in our bedroom and Michelle's office turned out beautifully. Another marathon of work is over. I spent a good chunk of today reading to Hazel and falling asleep in the process.

Our barn now has chickens. Twenty-eight laying hens busy laying eggs. I have never been close to chickens before, and I'm slowly becoming a chicken guy. A friend lent me a couple of chicken books and I'm learning the in's and out's of chickens. Not much to it really.

Michelle will post pictures of the second floor.


helenesheahan said...

After "Batchin it" for almost 2 weeks, we who are addicted to the "Barn Project" Chronicles thought we might get a little more that Polka Dot floors and stories about what we all know what chickens do.

Gramma Jean said...

Hi Michael, Glad your cold is better, can't wait for the new pictures, Thanks for sharing your girls, and, Wow, I guess it's a double Christmas present, now you have 3 free tickets to "re travel" so fun, even though it was a late pick-up.
Helene and Rudy, We will meet soon, I hope. Glad your side of the state could supply some warmth!!
Go Chickens!