Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slowing Down

Michelle and I sat down one evening and made a list of all our monthly expenses and compared the sum to our sole source of income at the moment. We were pleasantly surprised to find a small surplus. Then we added up all the debt we have accumulated over the last six or so weeks since our well of funds ran dry and we started using our line of credit. Though we have not reached the limit of our line of credit, a little short of a year from now we will come close. Ikea and HSBC both offered us credit cards with 0% for a year. Our total debt to those four accounts amounts to about $17,000, free money for a year, after which we will just add that debt to our line of credit. The implications of this almost come as a relief. We can't spend any more significant amounts of money on the house any time soon. There are countless little things I can do which don't cost much, and after the exterior is finished I'll concentrate on those. A limitation of options is, at this point, a relief. We have a warm, dry house with a wonderful kitchen and a more than adequate bathroom. It's time to slow down.


Michelle Keyo said...

What, in your opinion, makes a bathroom more than adequate??

Michael Sheahan said...

In my opinion, an adequate bathroom is one equipped to handle the three major bathroom activities: showering, teethbrushing, and toilet matters. That our bathroom satisfies all three and does so in style makes is MORE than adequate.