Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wrapping Up

I'm sitting in Molly and Eric's kitchen having another beer. The computer I usually write on is on Block Island. I've stayed behind to move all our stuff into our shell of a house. I'm in that awkward in between stage. The rental house is devoid of furniture, empty of everything except a few pots and pans and all the stuff I'm taking to the island. I slept in the utility room with our cat, Ox, last night, (Ox will be spending the winter with Molly, Eric and Cyrus.) and I'll sleep there until I head south. I have to over-winter what's left of my oysters tomorrow. After that there's not much else but to clean the rental. I should out of here by Wednesday or Thursday. I'll try to take some pictures using our new phone and post them when I get to the island.

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