Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Solar Hot Water

I had a long conversation with a technician from a company called Houseneeds based in Waitsfield, VT. Using our solar hot water system as a back-up heating system tied into the slab is entirely possible. If we were going to try to do the same thing as a primary heat source, that wouldn't be the way to go about it. But if we only want to use it while we're not there to light the woodstove, it would be a low cost way to get an additional boost from solar instead of falling back on propane to do the job. The whole system, not including installation, would run about $8000. The state renewable energy rebate and addtional federal tax credit might bring that to around $6000.


Molly said...

Michael call the Dawyne at Radiant Heat Products and ask for a quote on hte same stuff, their prices are way better.

We miss you. Can you come back now? We'll be really nice.

Molly said...

I didn't mean to call him "The Dawyne" but you could if you wanted to.