Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well On Its Way (Part 2)

I got a call last night from Mark Taplin. He'd be there at around 10am to drill our well. I went on a quick search for a friend's divining rods because I changed the initial site by about 20'. Couldn't find them. So this morning I left myself in the hands of the water gods and stuck a stick in the ground and said, "Drill there." I watched for a while and decided it wasn't much to watch. It could be hours after all. So I cut some trees down. Rototilled some garden space. Ran to the Bagaduce lunch for a fish sandwich. Rototilled some more. Went to Chris and Anna's for some water. When I came back, he was capping the well. I had missed it. We did well though. 160' deep and 10 gallons a minute. Perhaps all those years of water conservation had pleased the water gods, and this was our reward.

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meg said...

guess they weren't in the truck - sorry! Turns out you didn't need them anyway.