Saturday, February 9, 2008

Windows Part 2

The first change came when we found out that Marvin clad glider windows don't come in the color we want. We like gliders because a wide window opening can be divided vertically as opposed to horizontally like a double hung. Michelle's got a deep seated aversion to casement windows rooted in some house from early childhood. That and she doesn't like to crank; she'd rather lift or slide. So we switched from gliders to double hung and added a simulated divider vertically down the middle to create same visual effect. With this sorted out, I e-mailed a list of windows, sliders and doors to Viking Lumber, and the next day I got a quote for something over $18,000. This number was a little larger than we wanted. Now that our choices had dollar amounts attached to them it was easier for us to take a harder look. Do we really need to have a beautiful glass door ($1400) leading out to the screened in area? A door that will be open from June to October? We were also able to eliminate 2 small awning windows and 2 small double hungs. A 3 panel set of fixed casement windows totaling $1100 could be substituted with one large window divided in thirds with SDL's (simulated divided lites). Theses changes will bring the total down to about $14,000.
Slowly, the septic system is coming together. The chambers and the 1000 gallon septic tank are on site waiting for good weather.

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