Sunday, February 17, 2008

Turning Point

Lewis the Excavator called yesterday morning and said he could be at the site in a half hour to finish the job. In three hours he and his machine had pulled all the stumps and created a level building site and parking area. We have one towering pile of brush and stumps ready for burning. We can call the well driller now; he should be able to drive right in once the newly excavated ground freezes up again. While Lewis was digging, I spent a couple hours splitting next winter's firewood.
When just a week or so ago it seemed like things were a little bogged down, yesterday's work, just three short hours, marked a turning point in the process. Soon I'll start building the forms for the foundation...

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Timothy said...

Michael. You have drama AND interesting information. Maybe you should canvas WGBH and have their Irish TOH host come visit your project? It's worth a try especially since the technologies and building style you are employing are atypical and environmentally friendly. You are Irish. Kevin is Irish. You both went to HC...I smell a TV spot for you and Mich. DO IT!