Saturday, December 13, 2008


Just thought I'd log in for the month of December. I've been firing away for the last few weeks using pneumatic nail guns for shingling and framing, and I think it would be fair to say that I wouldn't be sitting here on Block Island if I had broken down and bought a gun. My reluctance to use the modern tools of the trade certainly slowed the pace. Anachronism has its price. If I'd used a gun, we might be living in our new house right now. But we're enjoying life on the island and looking forward to our return in May.


rodolph sheahan said...

pride and the mistaken opinion of the correctioness of the ancient ways have FINALLY taken their toll. I had offered to buy you a nail gun and you poo pooed the idea. Now the global crises has reached RI and I have rethought the idea.
Love YKW

rodolph sheahan said...

I forgot to say you and your family would not have had the BI experience had you forsaken "the ancient ways"

vwitcher said...

Good work. Are you sure that thing about a house being too tight isn't an urban myth? Even
SIPS houses test at about 1/2 air
exchange/hr. I'm building mine as
TIGHT as possible. If it gets where we can't breathe, I'll crack a window!